Hara-Heri… Hungry/Angry! (9 O A O)9


Well hello-hello, Bagya desu! >///<)9 Uhh.. I’m really hungry right now…

Always hungry around midnight… but like you know, eating at midnight is a no-no.. right? CALORIE!

Uhhh… I must start diet tomorrow or next week, YAHA~

AH YES! By the way… you all must be have favorite food, right? Actually, I’m really like egg and any egg-based dish.. and also Tofu or Tempe! Well in my country, Tempe it’s really something! It’s not about how cheap, it’s about the nutrient in it! It’s really suit for diet :3 Low calorie, high protein and… CHEAP! lol

Back to the topic…. I’ve made some snack.. well midnight snack lol OKONOMIYAKI! It’s traditional snack from japan… Oishii yade :3 you can add anything you want :3

RIGHT! That’s for today wwwwww Hona na~ 9 > A <)9

OKONOMIYAKI :3 Reaaaaally goood :3 Tasty and juicy wwww add chikuwa or kani crab for great taste lol
OKONOMIYAKI :3 Reaaaaally goood :3 Tasty and juicy wwww add chikuwa or kani crab for great taste lol


wwww just a view outside window... well It's nice isn't it? wwww uuhh so cold today :x
wwww just a view outside window… well It’s nice isn’t it? wwww uuhh so cold today 😡

お早うさん〜〜(  ̄Д ̄)σ)* ̄- ̄)オラオラ

(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ♪Ossu♪ Bagya’s here (lol) Greeting from Indonesia! b(>////<)d Yeay!

Uhh… it’s my first time to write something here, 緊張する~ But anyway, it looks fun :3 I mean reading other blog :3 well I’ll try my best then!

Anyway, I’m Bagya, call me “Bags” or “Ja”. I’m from Indonesia, and proud of it :3 And yes, I really like Japan and anime stuff, game and anything related…. uhh I’m not otakus, ‘kay? (lol) And about my blog, Kono Te De Yokereba – この手で避ければ, is about something that I want to share. If we can hold hands together? Like that wwwwww I mean if we stay together we can do anything together (???) Being alone it’s not always good, right? x3 Ah well… just a blah-blah wkwkwkw

Starting today, I’ll write something about my life, recent activity and so about Indonesia too xDD Maybe most people don’t know about my paradise country wkwkwkwk

So don’t go anywhere! (where?) Stay here and… wait me to write something wahahahaha xDD

そんじゃ ほなな~ バイバイ!( ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~   □。_(-_-*)OFF